UN urges probes into abuse of migrants in Mexico

GENEVA – The U.N.’s top human rights official is urging Mexico to investigate possible abuses and complicity by officials in kidnappings and extortion involving 40 Central American migrants in mid-December.

Navi Pillay says 40 migrants were “abducted in highly questionable circumstances” from a freight train in Oaxaca.

A statement from her office Friday said the train was stopped first by police and migration officials, who detained 92 of the 250 migrants aboard. Later, the driver of the government-run train demanded money from 150 migrants who reboarded.

A half-hour later the train was boarded by gunmen who robbed the migrants and abducted 40 of them including at least 10 women and one child.

Mexico’s U.N. mission in Geneva had no immediate comment.

Associated press

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