‘American Idol’ kicks off auditions in Hollywood Wednesday

On Wednesday, auditions for ‘American Idol’ began in Hollywood, with thousands lining up at the Los Angeles Forum for a chance to appear on the hit Fox TV show.

One of the new judges to join the crew, Jennifer Lopez, told RadarOnline, “We’re looking for the next Michael Jackson… We want to find a full rounded performer who can really contribute to the world of music.”

Also joining veteran judge Randy Jackson this season is the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, and Interscope records executive Jimmy Lovine.

Several lucky contestants will go on to the next round of auditions, but most didn’t make the cut.

Radar reports that one 15-year-old girl was crying as she left the audition saying she wasn’t chosen to continue.

“None of us did a good job… We weren’t meant to get put on this year,” she said tearfully.

Nevertheless, VJ Rosales was successful at getting a call back saying “I sang and they called me to sing another song and I did it and they were all like, we’re going to keep you!”

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