Nouveau Riche University

Do you agree if I said the most important thing in this world to help us achieve a better career is education? Of course, it should not be teaching to help us achieve a better future, but a good education, to eliminate the risk of trial and error that if we take the proper education. If you think it is too late for you to make the right education for a better career in the future, you may need to take a look at first. This site shows you a new option, you can take it that you can take best practices from your home that has incorporated into your lifestyle.

New Accredited University offers online education to address your degree in Associate of Science and a Bachelor of Business Administration. The Associate of Science Degree in May to be completed in just over a year, depending on the pace that you and your advisor for Nouveau Riche and serial number of the credit that you make to the UN. You can choose the accounting, finance, marketing, real estate investment, management of small businesses and guidelines that aim to match your interests.

The bachelor’s program of the company is focused and designed to support you and your personal goals. New University will help you acquire the academic knowledge and skills that complement and advance your career in business. Education of the University nopuveau has been specifically designed to address the skills and methods needed to launch a new company, taking over an existing business and make a huge difference to your future. Nouveau Riche made headlines two months ago with the appointment of Dr. Laura Palmer No, the former president of the University of Phoenix, the largest private university in the world as I was CEO of the University of New.

  1. #1 by Jorge on Februari 12, 2010 - 7:10 pm

    Great blog…

    I just wanted to correct you on the bachelor’s program. This is not an accredited university and there’s no such thing as a NRU bachelor’s program. You’ll get an award, but they are teaching you how to own your business, not how to get a job, so no need for a degree.

    Common misconception…


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