No Jetlag on Your Holiday

Will you spend your vacation at the end of the year with your children abroad? One might worry if their time difference will make a bad mood on all holidays, which will affect the mood of your entire family. Here are some tips you can do to at least reduce the effects of jet lag.

First, make sure your children sleep or take a maximum of at least one nap and make sure you get a good transition time. Because the transition time is often our brain a little confusing to decide whether it is time to wake up or sleep.

Secondly, once you and your children are awake from their nap seconds, remove them to direct sunlight. Physically, the sunlight we tell our body to wake up immediately. You can also let them play games that stimulate their brains, like swings or any other party.

Third, you can do things not pleasant to make your children are bored and make them feel sleepy again ever since their bodies time to adapt to the transition. You can take them for walks and visit places of interest so that their brains will continue to work, not ready for a rest.

Forth, how you are determined to maintain the schedule, your child is a human being. They will need a nap, if demand for their body a rest. There is no point in forcing a child drowsy to follow your calendar, because none of the members of your family can enjoy the holidays with a sleepy child who tends to be a little whining if they are asleep. Kif So they need a nap, just let them sleep, after that you can take to follow the timetable for return. So you get a new child will be ready to enjoy a holiday jet lag, no problem.



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